About Us

Aria Dark is a studio band that enjoys creating great songs.  In a world that seems endlessly chaotic and stressful, we believe music should give us all a place to escape to for a little while.  Our songs range in style starting with a rock foundation combined with a pop flair, a hint of alternative, and a dash of rhythm & blues.  Because it cannot be readily categorized, the music of Aria Dark allows for widespread appeal and lyrics that most people can relate to.

Arlene started writing songs as a pastime years ago.  Though she enjoyed it greatly, life and its hectic nature made it difficult to give this artistic outlet the time it deserved.  Only recently, she decided to put more focus on her creative efforts and start concentrating on music as a career.  Arlene puts her heart and soul into every lyric she writes and tries to create a story through each song.  As of now she has written over 30 songs and sings lead vocals on all the tracks.  In addition, Arlene has taught herself keyboard and some guitar to assist her in songwriting. 

Todd enjoys playing bass, guitar, and some drums.  He brings years of experience in the audio production industry to this project and works with Arlene to create and arrange songs that are both vibrant and appealing.  Todd is a true perfectionist and it shows in his masterful production of Aria Dark's music.