Our album "Rescue Me" was released on 1/28/17 and is live on many different venues including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify & more!  This album includes two new songs, "Heaven" and "Helpless", as well as our previously released 6 songs that have been re-recorded, remixed, and remastered!  Though we have many songs, we've chosen these 8 songs in order to showcase the variety of musical styles that Aria Dark encompasses.

We're proud to share that "Helpless" entered the Broadjam Rock - Gothic Top Ten chart at #8 in April 2017!  In June 2017, it moved up to #1 and as of June 2019 is still active on the chart so we're absolutely thrilled!  You can see the chart at! Check out our web page on Broadjam at!  Also, if you want to stream our songs visit us at SoundCloud (!

We are very excited to announce that "Helpless" was selected by Women of Substance Radio to debut on their new music show on August 21, 2017!!! Please visit them at!
To check our newest interview, go to Exposed Vocals and find out a few things about Aria Dark that you probably didn't know (!

Our music is also regularly broadcasted on Q Starr Radio ( and Hamilton Radio (, most often during Songsmith's Music Motel (  In addition, Aria Dark has been added to the library of both Indie101 ( and HotMix106 radio (

We've uploaded videos with the lyrics to several of our songs. If you are interested in those feel free to check out our YouTube channel to view those at!

We are proud to say that "Choices" debuted on Women of Substance Radio ( in June 2015 as one of their new artists!  We were also both honored and thrilled to have "Choices" rank #9 in the Top 20 Indie Songs  that same month (!  Thanks so much to WOS Radio and to everyone who voted for us!

Finally, we are thrilled to announce that Aria Dark was awarded the Runner Up Songwriting Award by for "The Key"!  Our page there can be found at!